Teaching Council Feedback Form Draft

Consultation with teachers and schools is a vital part of the development of the framework for teachers’ learning, Cosán. In Phase 1 of the process, teachers were asked to provide feedback on their learning experiences. Based on the feedback from more than 3,300 teachers, a proposed framework, Cosán, has been developed for further consultation.

Schools can use this form to collaboratively reflect and provide feedback on the draft framework. We would suggest that the draft framework document be distributed to staff members in advance of the school-based consultation. Depending on the time available, your school may wish to discuss and respond to all questions below, or you may choose to focus only on those which you feel are most pertinent in the context of your school. Please note that the questions are intended to help frame teachers’ discussions and feedback, but they are not intended to be prescriptive, and schools may wish to offer feedback on aspects of the Cosán consultation paper, even if it is not explicitly referenced in the guiding questions below.

Completed forms should be emailed by Tuesday 1 December 2015 to cosan@teachingcouncil.ie. If possible, please enter text in bullet point format.

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*It is important that all members who contribute to the school-based discussion agree the final text in your school’s submission.

Guiding Question 1 (required)
What is your school’s vision for teachers’ learning? How is it aligned with the vision for teachers’ learning in Cosán, where it is seen as being guided by certain values (p. 5), standards (p. 8), and indicators of good practice (p. 25). How helpful would they be in guiding teachers’ learning in your school? (required)

Guiding Question 2 (required)
What is your school’s experience of teachers’ learning? The Cosán draft framework describes the nature of teachers’ learning in terms of different dimensions (p. 9) and processes (p. 12). The framework also proposes new priority learning areas for teachers. How do the dimensions and processes align with your school’s experience of teachers’ learning? How appropriate are the additional priority learning areas which have been proposed (Supporting Teachers’ learning, Leading Learning and Wellbeing)?

Guiding Question 3 (required)

How do teachers in your school reflect on their learning, as individuals, and as members of a Professional Learning Community? The Cosán draft framework offers proposals on how teachers might reflect on, and record their learning experiences (p. 16). How appropriate are these proposals in the context of your school?

Guiding Question 4
The Cosán draft framework offers a list of possible criteria that the Council might use in reviewing and accrediting teacher learning programmes (p. 17). For teachers in your school, how appropriate do you think these criteria would be in helping to maintain and enhance standards in teachers’ learning? Are there other criteria that teachers in your school believe should be used when considering teacher learning programmes for accreditation?

Guiding Question 5
The Teaching Council envisages a development phase involving participation on a voluntary basis by teachers, groups of teachers or schools. This phase would seek to answer a number of questions (p. 19). From your school’s perspective, are there other issues (apart from the examples on page 19) which the profession should explore in the action research phase?

Is your school interested in becoming involved in developing the framework?

Additional Feedback
Should your school wish to include any additional feedback to inform the development of the framework, please do so here: